SammyJ was the original co owner at everthingisaforum. He left in late 2011/early 2012 as he needed to focus on his university and college.


SammyJ's profile picture.

SammyJ is returning on the 5th of August, and will be working alongside current co owner Pedro .

SammyJ registered on the 16th of June, 2009, and was promoted to co owner shortly afterwards (September/October). SammyJ was one of the most (and still is) popular user's on the forum (alongside eggtom ), being mentioned and referenced in jokes, and having his name spoken about a lot.


  • SammyJ left in early 2012/late 2011 due to university and college.
  • There were rumors that SammyJ was coming back in the summer of 2012. These rumors were approved, and SammyJ will be making a return on the 5th of August.
  • When the user sammy78 registered, nearly every single user on the forum thought it was SammyJ using a private account. People then thought that "SammyJ left his co owner position because of the fame, so he made a "noob account" and kept himself private." This turned out to be untrue, and sammy78 denied being SammyJ, and he said he "didn't even know of SammyJ's existance until his name was mentioned" (sammy78 registered in early 2012).