Mod Harry is a known staff member at

Mod Harry's profile picture.

Mod Harry was promoted to moderator in August 2010, and promoted again (to super moderator) in late October 2011, and has been a staff member ever since.

From his recent posts, he admitted to having an addiction to Lemonade. Mod Harry and head admin Jason do not get along very well.

Excluding John, Jason, Kris and Mod Seville, Mod Harry was the first moderator to achieve over 50 rep in one month (November 2011) and posting the most quotes in one month (October 2011).


  • He knows John in real life.
  • He knows Jason in real life, although they do not get along very well.
  • He likes to be funny around staff members.
  • He has defended Cycodude on numerous occaisions (along with Mod Seville).