John is the owner/coder of


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Although not online much, John seems to spend 90% of his forum time coding and adding updates. John seems to be the most mentioned user on the entire forum, being mentioned 72 times (as of April 17th 2012).

He hasn't posted much after the death of Kris Faloni (an admin and John's in real life friend).

In real lifeEdit

John's real name is John Aslett and he studies media, animation arts and films. He stated that he drinks a lot of chocolate milk and is best friends with Jason , Kris , Cycodude and Pedro.


  • He changed his name from Jay to John, as he wanted people to know him by his real name, not his nickname.
  • He is best friends with admin Jason.
  • He drinks chocolate milk.
  • He is known for promising updates but it takes a while for the updates to come.
  • John watches popular YouTubers and viral videos.
  • John deleted over 5,000 members and 20,000 posts in November 2011 because of the forum 'getting out of control' - this caused a major glitch for most users who were not deleted.
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