Cycodude is a horribly known (for the wrong reasons) user at

As of April 2012, Cycodude has the least reputation and has the most harsh responses from some users. Cycodude has been demoted 6 times and promoted 4 times. He has broken 5 rules and made many excuses. He currently has Donator status.

In February/March 2012, Cycodude put donator Liamkugs404 on watch for "no reason". Cycodude recieved a lot of criticism from many users involving this topic.


  • For some reason, Cycodude gets "trolled" in every topic/post he creates.
  • He has been promoted 4 times and has been demoted 6 times.
  • People are requesting that he should be banned.
  • His real name is Ross.
  • Eggtom seems to "troll" Cycodude a lot.